You have no doubt have heard countless times that water is needed for weight loss. But maybe you might not have understood the role that water plays in your weight loss plan. If you have been exercising and have not seen the desired result from your work out, it could be that you are not drinking your required amount of water.

What is the required amount of water for weight loss?

Many experts have agreed that the required daily amount of water that should be consumed by the average individual is 64 ounces. This means that you will have to drink 8 eight ounces of water in a given day to get the amount that is required for your body to perform at its peak. However if you are overweight then that number just went up. You have to drink 8 additional ounces for every 25 pounds of excess weight that you are carrying.

Why is water so important to your body?

Your liver and kidney needs water. Whenever your body does not have enough water your organs cannot function at their most optimal point. Your kidney will store the fat because it does not have the water it needs to do its job.

Your body will store the water it has because it does not know when it will get more water. This water will be stored all over your body and in place that you do not want it, like your belly.

Water is also needed to flush the toxins out of your system so that you will have a body ready to turn that stored fat into fuel and begin to burn the fat.

The good news is once you start drinking water on a consistent basis, your body will begin to release its stored water and you will begin to lose all that water gain which will cause even more weight loss.

What’s best, how or cold?

When you start your weight loss plan of drinking water you might be wondering whether you should drink cold or warm water to get your body to lose the weight.

This topic is debatable because some experts say that you can drink a shark tank weight loss drink larger quantity of water if it warm while others say that cold water is more beneficial to the body.

Do not be so much concerned with the temperature of the water but more about how much you are drinking. If you find that you can consume more water cold, then drink it cold. If, however you do not like cold water, then drinking it warm might be your style. Just ensure that you are not drinking large quantities at one time. Health expert all agree that drinking a large amount of water all at once is not healthy.

Spread out your water intake through the day. Once you start drinking your required daily water intake you will notice that it suppresses your appetite.

Drinking water with lemon for is great for maximum weight loss. If you are just starting out with drink water and you have not acquired a taste for plain water as yet; you might try added lemon to your water. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C and it aids in the digestive system. It is also great for skin and helps in weight loss. But there is a secret to getting the lemon in your water for effective weight loss. The secret is that the water must be warm!

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