RFID labels are utilized generally today, so here comes an inquiry – how might we pick the right battery for them? Typically, there are three sorts of batteries, Lithium manganese dioxide button cell (CR button battery), Lithium-Manganese card battery wrapped with delicate aluminum foil (CP battery), and ultrathin battery. Subsequent to being familiar with their characters, you can know how to pick as per your items’ prerequisite.

CR button batteries
These sort of batteries are famously utilized in RFID framework makers for its benefit in cost. So in the event that you have no necessity in thickness as well as in high heartbeat current, and you needn’t bother with them to work for over 2 years, CR button battery will custom battery be your most ideal decision.

Reasons are as per the following:

The costs range from 0.5 RMB~3 RMB as indicated by various limits and can help saving your items’ expenses.
They can deliver 65%~70% of their ostensible limits in the event of little current release, so their functioning life ought to be 2.5 years~3 years. Regardless of whether the batteries’ ostensible limit has arrived at your necessity of working time, they will run out 2 or after 3 years.

Here, we can have a high temperature of 65℃ and high moistness of relative mugginess 90% test to show the batteries’ quality.

In the event that a high heartbeat current, or working time should be longer than 3 years and high wellbeing execution is required, then the CP battery ought to be.

Reasons are as per the following:

It utilizes delicate aluminum foil in structures, that extraordinarily diminishes the likelihood of blast, fire.
Various shapes and sizes can be intended to meet your singular prerequisites.
Covered cathodes construction to acknowledge higher release current, even up to 3C.
Low self-release rate guarantees a capacity life of 8 years.

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