Monster Footprints – This is one of the most creative,Halloween Party Ideas Articles yet seldom used, Halloween party ideas. Get a big sponge and use a marker to draw the outline of a foot. Use a scissor to cut away the extra sponge. Get a 1/8 inch aluminum pan and fill it with washable paint. Use the sponge as a stamp. Dip it in the paint and stamp these footprints in front of the door, or around the sides of dark, spooky house. Just turn the sponge upside down and you’ve got the other foot.

Ghosts – Crumple a large piece of tissue paper into a ball. Lay out another large piece of tissue paper and place the crumpled ball in the middle. Twist the edges of the tissue paper around the ball. Tie a piece of string around the base of the crumple ball to form the ghost’s neck. Use a marker to give the ghost a scary face. Make a few more and hang them from trees in the yard or from light fixtures or ceiling fans in the house.

Green Pumpkins – Try carving green peppers as jack-o-lanterns. They are small enough that you can make enough for a whole row. Mix it up using red or yellow peppers. Trick-or-treaters will get a delightful fright from the army of creepy faces at your door.

Bobbling Ghosts – For this Halloween party idea, you’ll need some helium filled balloons and a several large pieces of cheesecloth. Place the balloon in the middle of the cloth and tie it off at the bottom with a piece of string or twine. Draw a nasty looking face on the cloth. Make a few of these and place them in a box. When the box is opened the ghosts will fly up and give everyone a fright. Alternately, you can hang them in a window or near a fan and watch halloween restaurant decoration ideas them float around in the breeze.

Body parts – Use this great Halloween party idea for a dimly lit room in your house or in your yard. Your friends and trick-or-treaters will be grossed out by a bowl full of body parts. Fill the bowl with slimy hot dogs and cooked spaghetti. Toss in some onions for the eyeballs. Blow up a red balloon with water and spread it with strawberry jam. Instant brains! This Halloween party idea will surely horrify your friends.

Icky cobwebs – You’ll want to dim the lights in the room for this Halloween party idea. Cut some strings and paste them to the ceiling. Before the unsuspecting party-goers enter, wet those strings with water and when people will walk in, slimy strings will brush across their foreheads and scare them.

Crunching bones – Spread out some dried bread and pretzels under a rug. When people will walk on it, it will make noise as if there are bones crunching underneath. Round it out by adding some scary moaning sounds from a sound effects tape.

These Halloween party ideas will definitely make your Halloween a most memorable one.

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