What if I also said that you didn’t need to install a mod chip in your system to make the games work? If I have your attention, then follow along as I’m going to teach you exactly how to burn Playstation games so you never have to worry about affording them again.

You see, since video games have become so popular over the years, certain software companies have taken advantage of this and developed programs that 메이저사이트 allow you to copy Playstation games and other video games right on your computer. You then just need to burn them to a disc and it plays in your system without a mod chip.

Usually when I explain this to people, the first thing they ask about is the protection that the gaming companies place on their discs to prevent this kind of stuff. In the past, this was a problem and why it was required to have a mod chip in your console. But with these recent programs that have been developed, they can actually crack right through that “unbreakable” protection so that your system won’t even realize it’s a copied game.

Another concern that I often hear is about the price of one of these softwares. People assume that it would cost a lot of money to buy something like this that knows how to burn Playstation games and crack their protection. While there are some programs out there that do try to charge you a very high amount, those should be avoided because it’s a waste of your money. If you know where to look, you can get one of these programs for under $30. That’s half the price of buying a brand new game from the store. The one I bought was $29.99 and it works great.

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